Pet Adoption Consultation

It’s always exciting and a little scary to bring home a new furry friend. We would love to help you through the process to make sure you’re adopting a pet that will flourish in your home.

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Thinking about adopting a pet?

Maybe you have your heart set on a a lap dog, but the kids want a BIG dog. Or you’re thinking that a cat would be the puuuuurfect addition to your household, but your significant other wants a lizard. Let’s talk about your home, lifestyle, and everyone’s desires and come up with a plan to bring home the perfect pet for everyone.

We’ve got a soft spot for rescues (and a house full of them!) and we’d love to talk you through different animals, different breeds and expectations when you bring your new friend home. We do this over a course of 2 (virtual) meetings where we talk about your house (or apartment or van), your daily schedule and how a pet fits in to it all. If you’ve already got a pet (or two or five) we’ll talk about them as well.

Then I’ll go out and do some research on pets that sound like they might fit the bill!

During our second session, we’ll review those pets: talk about what you liked, what you didn’t. And then we’ll also talk about what you should have on hand when you bring your new friend home, and set up expectations for those first 3 days, 3 weeks, and 3 months.