Dog Training in Summit County, Colorado

Positive Reinforcement
Dog Training

We know that your dog is more than just a pet. We want to show you how to guide your dog to be comfortable and happy in this world. Taking a holistic view of your dog, we create management, training, and enrichment plans that fit your life. Our goal is to help build your communication and bond with your pets so that you are all able to be peacefully coexist.

We Love Your Pet, Just like You Do!

Using evidence-based training methods (force-free, positive-reinforcement), we work with you to develop a plan to meet your dog’s needs and create harmony in your household. Whether that’s teaching your puppy the basics of being a very-good-boy or girl, or allowing¬† your reactive pooch to pass by dogs and people with ease, we can help.

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What We Offer

We take a holistic approach to animal training and work with you to create plans that work for your family. We offer not just training, but also education about dog behavior and how we can better communicate with each other.

Dog Training

Let's start with the basics, or maybe you have a dog that is difficult to walk. We can help.

Adoption Consultation

Want to adopt, but aren't sure how to pick the right pet for you? Let's find you the perfect creature together.

Cat Training

Cats can learn, too! Keeping them off the counters, sitting for treats, or giving paw. It can be done.


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